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I got a hold of the third book. And here this is where we stopped. Exactly straight from the book.

Shall we continue...?

[Where we left off..]
General POV

Father Thomas was arguing with the doctor outside the ward where Marijie was located. The bills were too expensive for him to handle and the day was getting late. He looked at his watch and hesitated.

"Fine! I'll pay the bills just let her stay until she's awake," he was angry but still considerate.

"Don't worry, Father. As long as you pay we do anything you ask us to," the doctor answered. He was satisfied.

After paying the bills, Father Thomas went back to the ward and entered with a gentle knock. "Your parents better pay me back," he said to the quiet Marijie lying down on her bed.

Marijie's POV

The mirror was blocked by the steam that came from the heater. I rubbed it away and brushed my teeth. "Finally that's settled." True, I finally bathed and it was a good one.

I went out of the bathroom and put on the clothes I stole from the boutique this morning. I went to the drawer, took out a hairdryer and dried my hair.

Five minutes later..

I tied my hair into a pony tail and equipped my chainsaw. Now I'm on my way downstairs when suddenly I heard as if something was thrown hard on something.

I went faster and saw Shortie on the ground. He was panting as if he wasted his energy. I looked around and saw nothing reasonable that might have throw him down like that.

"Hello-" Suddenly, I felt something kicking me in the stomach. I couldn't breathe, the pain was unbearable and I started to cough blood. What the heck? What happened?

I tried to stand up but then another on came and hit me at the back. I went down to the floor. So much for being clean. I look front and saw Jinya. 

"Shortie! Let's get outta here!" I yelled then I stood up and started running. More like sprinting, through the back door which said 'EXIT'.

Miyu's POV

OOC: You may skip Author's POV

As he held me close to him, Alex suddenly threatened Zachary. I never expected that--or even a protective gesture like this. But it wasn't long until Alex was trembling cold. I looked up to see his eyes--so distant.

I turned to Zachary and he laughed. "You killed her," he said.

An illusion...That's what Zachary uses. He makes us feel guilty so that we lose our will to live. That was what Zachary was good at.Computer-programmed illusions based on the biography and medical records of patients. 

He used to do this for good...Just not anymore. Zachary noticed my glare--and he said, "Yes, Alex, you killed the poor girl."

He is despicable.

Releasing myself from Alex's hold, I ran to Zacahry with a dagger just and inch away from his body. I was ready to stab. "Stop it, Zachary."

His response was a chuckle. "You think it's possible for a son to kill his father?"

I took a step backwards at what he said.

It wasn't long until Zachary commanded the weapon, "Michael, kill Miyu, your mother."

And all I could feel was numbness in my chest.

Author's POV

"Sir! Doctor Kuroibara's--!"

The substitute doctor panicked. Why then? Why wasn't Zachary in the office?

"Her vitals! They are falling drastically!"

The doctor sighed. Amongst the many doctors existing, only Miyu was affected by Thorneapus. 

Why her? She was under Zachary--who was a genius and Miyu, too, was successful.

"Give her as much stabilizer," the doctor said, trying to stay calm. "Does Miyu have any realtives?"

"No, sir. Her family is considered dead ever since 'then'."

The doctor leaned in his chair. Then, huh...


Miyu was engaged to Zachary then. 

Sadly, their happiness were short lived due to Zachary's strange acts. Ever since the engagement day he had been tailing Maya, Miyu's wilder younger sister. Not just that, Zachary has also been giving her mother massaging treatment.

It was as if he hypnotized them.

One day when Miyu was working and got back home earlier than usual--she found her family's bodies mutilated and hidden everywhere in the huge bungalow. She fainted due to the traumatic image.

It was also found that both Miyu's mother and sister were sexually harassed. The media would not know or indulge in the publicizing the crime as long as Zachary pays them.

Flashback ends here..

Miyu's POV


I stil had control. That was all a memory. I'm not dead.


He walked closer to hold me. 

"I'm sorry I wronged you..." I lied, he's the one who should be sorry.

OOC: Jinya & Marijie will not die as long as they keep their jewel safe. Miyu and Alex can die right away if they aren't careful. Also, sorry for the long entry. I'm still getting to know Miyu (and her traumatic experience).

Alex's POV

"Yes, Alex...You killed the poor girl."

No, I refuse to believe it. I-I-I couldn't have. No, I would never kill my own sister. My own flesh and blood.

But then a small voice etched its way in my mind and whispered.

"But then you left her. You fell asleep and here you are. Now, she's alone out there. All because you fell asleep."

I held the bloody girl to my chest. She was so lithe, so boneless, so...dead. I can hear her disappointed voice. Her sweet little voice.

"Alex, where are you? Why did you weave me?"

I felt hot tears ran down my face as I kept hold of her body. The pain was overwhelming, too painful. 

She was dead. 

My little sister was dead.

How could I have left her? What kind of brother am I? I've failed. Why am I living while she's dead? 

I shouldn't be alive.

I noticed a shard of glass lying nearby and reached for it. The little voice came back. 

"That's right. This is all your fault."

My last thought was that it was true, before physical pain overtook my heart. And I fell into the darkness.

Author's POV

Naiff heard a faint crack.

He looked over to the spade piece and noticed that it had a small crack but it was still standing.


The beeping was getting faster and faster.

"Mommy! What's wrong with brother? Why is there a funny noise?"

Mrs. Hemling ignored the little girl's questions and looked at the doctor.

The man in the lab coat sighed and gave her a sympathetic look. "I'm afraid her experiencing some cardiac problems."

OOC:...So...uh..I don't think he's dead, just extremely injured? Maybe this is worse because it was self inflicted?

Jinya's POV

"But--" before I could finish, Marijie quickly stood and bolted to the emergency exit. I was amazed for a second at how swift she recovered from the attack. 

A blurred black movement caught me off guard. The black phantom had changed its target. It's after Marijie now. 

"Tch." I spat. Just when I was about to get something there would always be a disturbance. I gritted my teeth and ran after Marijie and the phantom. As if I have any other choice.


That black phantom...is stubborn.

I don't how far and how long we've been running. All I know is that it won't give us a break from the run. It kept on chasing. Just...chasing. No sign of offensive gesture.

A gear in my brain clicked into place. It's trying to separate us from the others! Irritation registered simultaneously with a sharp pain from my supposedly recovered leg. With that, I started feeling the ache's on the other parts of my body as a result of the fight, back at the supermarket. 

"Don't fall now," I muttered to myself.

But my body seem to have a mind of its own. I staggered and fell down. I rolled on to my back and noticed that Marijie was out of sight. The same goes to the black phantom.

Marijie's POV

I looked around for any signs of life but there were nothing. No movement, no noise and no presence. The silence is killing me. My eyes were watery, still producing endless tears. 

My throat was dry, after screaming Jinya's name without the thought of me having water supply. My head hurts. My clothes were covered with mud and the dark's damaging my eyes. 

Creak. Creak.

Sounds of breaking twig's getting louder and louder. "Jiny--urgh!" The phantom caught me. It's shadowy hands creeping slowly to my throat after kicking me on the stomach. This time it's more painful and my whole body started to feel the pain.

"Argh-argh," the grip on my neck was tight. I tried to move but my body's not listening. "D-damn, you..got me." My eyes closed.

kouno.utau [userpic]

kouno.utau [userpic]


There's this big exam that determines my future and I'm here writing instead of studying. Joking. I do study. People need breaks too don't they? Now, that I think of it, in the next month it'll be a rush. And plus, I'm already starting on my Art exam. It's already the second week and I haven't begin to transfer my sketches on to an A2 paper. Go, me. 

Then there's problems with oral. You see, I'm not the one who prefers talking for a full 9-12 minutes. Adding to that I'm not really self-confident. I shall improve in oral by talking in front of the mirror. Hahah. And get weird looks from my siblings. Not that I actually care. They live with me and is used to me being all weird. :P 

Another thing is Chemistryyy, and some parts of Physics. These two subjects drain the smart out of me. It makes me feel stupid. I don't know how. Perhaps, because it needs some power of memorization. Especially for the reactions (chem) and formulas (phy). Unless it's done practically, I won't really remember all those stuffs. Biology is a different matter to me. We actually checked blood pressure, dissect a huge frog ( mine was female and it had eggs inside. ._. I killed millions of to-be frogs for the sake of knowing how it looks like inside a body. Everybody did that too right? :? ) and maybe testing for food. The students in my class all love Bio. 

Had a fun day snapping shots of lighting yesterday~ Out of 200+ pictures, only 5 of them are shots of the lighting strikes. Others are just either white because of the flash of light or the dark rainy landscape. All in all it was worth it staying still for more than 30 minutes. The strikes were freakin' unpredictable. And my little sisters clung to my mom every time it strikes. XD

....I can't believe i wrote all that non-sense. No one will read anyway :O Whatever, I got to go. Enough breaks. Time to get serious.


P.S. After this I'll be found snoring on my bed. Safe and sound. 
P.S.S. I learned how to modify and make my own css. Yeah. It's mind-blowing. 

Feeling: determinedGambatte!! >:O
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